Grab Magnetic Fidget Pen™

do you want to calm your mind, help autism and ADHD, get rid of bad habits, be energetic and productive? if you have, keep your hands and your mind in the right place with our product.

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Why customers love our product

  • Robert P.

    ”I had a bad habit with my nails and I had to play with anything. Because I had something in my hand and I didn't remember my nails, I unlearned the bad habit. This product is a date saver (Literally :D). My nails are already beautiful”

  • Ava R.

    "I've been using the Grab Magnetic Pen for 3 months and I'm thinking more and more about what I can do with it. I feel better and I don't think about bad things. My friend bought one too, we can build more silly things. It's funny how old we are and we play like children"

  • Brandy

    "My son has a problem with explosiveness. His teacher brought it to my attention. He likes to play, so I bought him a magnetic pen. He sticks his tongue out and builds all the time at recess. I'm glad he builds and doesn't cause problems, you know that"

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Our goal at Grabset is to provide excellent cusomer service. We are available to chat 24/7 via email. Please feel free to reach ot with any questions.